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Welcome to ProTrainings Basic Health and Safety Online Course

Embark on a journey to enhance your understanding of workplace health and safety with our comprehensive online course, tailored to meet the Health and Safety at Work Regulations.

Course Structure and Accessibility

  • Engage with interactive videos, followed by knowledge review questions.
  • Complete a short final test to assess your understanding.
  • Flexibility to start, stop, and resume the course at your convenience.
  • Accessible on multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Interactive Learning Features

Enhance your learning experience with:

  • Option to pin videos for continuous viewing while reading accompanying text.
  • Subtitles for better comprehension (activate via the CC icon).
  • Additional support for clarifying doubts or incorrect answers.

Certification and Resources

Upon successful completion:

  • Receive a completion certificate, available for download and print.
  • Access a wealth of supporting resources and links from the course homepage.
  • Eight months of access to the course, even post-completion.

Additional Support and Updates

Benefit from:

  • A dedicated support package throughout your training.
  • Regular course updates for the latest in health and safety practices.
  • Weekly emails to refresh your skills and inform about new videos and blog updates.

Contact and Custom Solutions

For corporate training solutions, contact us:

  • via email, phone, or online chat.
  • Explore our free company dashboards for employee training management.

We are committed to providing a thorough and enjoyable learning experience. Thank you for choosing ProTrainings, and we wish you the best in your health and safety learning journey!